This has been my stated teaching philosophy for some time now. I am working to expand on it in my own words, adding contrubutions from new perspectives I am adopting as a result of doctoral study.

Accomplished mathematics teachers […] confront issues of diversity proactively to promote academic and social equity. They actively and positively challenge sexist, racist, and other biased behaviors and stereotypical perspectives, including those directed toward various ethnic groups, regardless of the source. They are keenly aware of the historical perspectives and biases that have created social and academic barriers for students, and they work to remove these obstacles. They maintain high expectations for all learners regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic class, [sexuality], or previous experience. They ensure that their students receive equal opportunities to learn and advance in mathematics, and they act to dispel the notion that not all students are capable of learning mathematics. They consistently communicate their respect for all students and their belief that all students can learn. By example and guidance, they help students learn to treat one another as valued members of the learning community.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Fairness

The teacher and student characteristics below are taken from Wikipedia’s entry on Inquiry Education. I think they are generally okay, but could be expounded on.

Student characteristics

Teacher characteristics